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cheese is for mice

ever had a photographer tell you to look at the camera and smile?

and you feel awkward and don't know if you're cheesing too hard or what to do with your hands or how to get your kid to stop doing that weird fake smile?

and then you get the photos back and you're not sure why, but you don't really love them?

yeah, we don't do that here.

we do real joy & contagious smiles.

we do feeling great instead of just trying to look good.

we do silly faces & belly laughs. 

we take time with the people we love

we make art that will always remind us

what a gift it is to hold them.


we do honest moments & untamed stories & wild love. 


meet your


Hi, I'm Amy! I love chocolate & puppies & polka dot socks & really good hugs!

Find out more about my approach to photography here...


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