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Creating photos is a really personal experience for me. My heart falls a little in love with the people I meet, the way their eyes crinkle up when they laugh, the way they hold their children, the way light plays on their skin, the gentle and fierce ways they love each other.

I aim to capture moments, expressions, movement, and connection in images that evoke emotion. Photo sessions with me don't involve much posing or looking at the camera and cheesing. I create meaningful experiences for my clients during our shoot, so when you look at your photos years down the road, you won't just see a photo. You'll relive the beauty of what that moment felt like.

Wanna know what my secret is to creating photos with feelings? I am moved when I create them. There's a pretty good chance you'll catch me tearing up behind my camera at your wedding or driving home from your session smiling in a dreamy daze. It feels like such a gift to surround myself with people and moments that move me to laughter and tears, explosive joy and undeniable love. The honor of documenting life in that way makes my heart do a little happy dance! I would love to chat with you about how we can work together to create your vision!


image by Katie Brock of Holding Life Still Photography

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